Sweet Frenchies Inc. 

Sweet Frenchies Inc. 



Sweet Frenchies Inc Birth Certificate
Sweet Frenchies Inc Birth Certificate

Contracts etc...

For each puppy that goes home there will be a bill of sale contract,  puppy birth certificate. Puppies from our litters will have the newborn puppy pawprint birth cert n logo cert. 


What is included with my pet?

Shot and Deworming schedule, Health Cert, Free shipping w/ Training Crate (Flight Nanny or Ground Door to Door Delivery $500 extra), Puppy Pack w/ food, toys etc, $100 gift card towards products on the website.

How much do our puppies cost and why? 

AKC Champion Bloodline Puppies Price range from $6500-8500 depending on the breed geneticsvlike Fluffy Carrier or Oure Fkuffy would cost around $12.000 tp $25.000...and due to cost of champion costs, Stud Fee , Birthing and Whelping Costs, Care costs, breeding, and time a quality in care and training. 

The costs are the similar for ICA/ ABKC/ CKC or any other registration besides AKC, but we want to offer a budget friendly program also, so we will price regular colored puppies of this breed registration  at $3000-3500, special colors like Isabella, Merles at $3500-4000 and L4 Carriers pure Fluffies at $$4500-6000 depending on the look, but offers a budget price for pwople who want special colors but do not or cannot pay the higher price of AKC registration. 

When will my pet ship?

When we clear health through a USDA vet. 

Do I have a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee against congenital and hereditary diseases up to 5 years and that your pet will come health certified and clear of disease. We do not cover viruses like parvo, coccidia, or any other infectious disease unless you take your pet to the vet within the 72 hour period and they state they had it, we do not know when shipping, but if the vet can clarify the length and stage of the disease they will know how and where it came from. If it came before shipping we will cover it.

If I don't like the dog or cannot take care of it, can I return the dog?

Yes, but there is only 50% refund of their is not health issue and you just don't want the pet, but we require that you send our pups back to us in our agreement. We do not want our pets in public animal shelters as that keeps them from catching disease, stress, and possibly being put down. Also that saves room for pets that really need to be in those facilities. We do not charge return shipping as that is taken out of the other 50% of the price you paid for the pet.

Is there a refund of deposits?

Yes and no... we take a $500 deposit for the waiting list, which is non-refundable, but can be used again if you do not want a pet from a certain litter or if you don't make the lottery drawing for a litter. We have a nice size waiting list. Deposits on dogs are $1000, so if you do win the lottery or want one from that litter you must immediately put down the other $500 to hold the pet.

   So on the pet deposit, if you have placed the deposit and decide not to get a pet or cannot we will return $500 minus processing fee of $100 so $400, to you if your cancel within 7 days. If you did not get on the waiting list and put $1000 deposit the return will be $900 if canceled within 7 days. Between 8 and 14 days you will get a 50% refund and after 21 days there will be no refund.

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