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20 Jun 2022

Cage Training

So what is the issue with crate training??? With so many different opinions, its hard to know what training is best. Do I leave me dog to roam or set a safe place for them to sleep and learn, well many people are with it just as many are against it. So, what is a pet owner to do? Lets look further into this training practice at its pros and cons;


1. Keeps them away from harmful substances when you cannot watch them (e.g. Sleeping, working etc..)

2. Helps Hone a Den instinct and they can go in there if they are feeling uncomfortable to sooth themselves if needed (its safe place for your pup!)

3. Helps a lot with potty training (especially Frenchies...but do not wait too long)

4. Also good for teaching boundaries 

5. Good to use for time outs if needed for behavior (Again supposed to feel safe, not like a prison, so no longer then 10 minute time out)


1. Can cause some frustration for some dogs, especially if used too much

2. Can be unsafe if crate is not assembled properly

3. needs to be sanitary to be safe for dogs health 

4. Dangerous is dog is wearing a leash

5. Dangerous if not well ventilated